Thursday, February 1, 2018

I Can See…

I can see the world in constant strife,
I can see the pain of a lonely bride,
I can see the hate in a trusted friend,
I can see the fear in a growing trend.

I can hear the roaring cries for change,
I can hear the grumbling in exchange,
I can hear the whimpers of distress,
I can hear the confusion of progress.

I can smell the stench of darkened alleys,
I can smell the anguish of lost rallies,
I can smell the greed of a corrupted pen,
I can smell the need of homeless men.

I can taste the bitterness of failing dreams,
I can taste the guilt of betrayed teams.
I can taste the anger of suppressed desires,
I can taste the smoke of burning pyres.

I can touch the wound of a dying soldier,
I can touch the roof of a broken shelter,
I can touch the sea of hopeless faces,
I can touch the stink of rotting places.

Yet I feel…

Yet I feel a ray of sunshine,
Breaking through the cloudy shrine.
Yet I feel the whistling breeze,
Whispering sweet secrets of far-off seas.      

Yet I feel the rippling laughter
Of country folks on their rafter.
Yet I feel the peaceful silence,
Of shared emotions and reliance.

Yet I feel the pleasure of a kind word,
Like the chirping of a bird.
Yet I feel the passion in a simple hug,
And the love behind a lifted mug.

Yet I feel a hope in innocent eyes,
Waiting for their turn to rise.
Yet I feel a pride in a nation,
That values humanity as its foundation.

Yes, I can see and hear, just like you,
But, I choose to feel and love, like I do.

31 / 01/2018