Thursday, June 19, 2008


What is special in our lives? What would we, many years hence, look back on and fondly remember? For me, it is the birthdays. A friend once told me, “What’s the big deal? Everyone was born on some day! You are just getting older, and closer to the day you will die.” That right. That’s one way of looking at it. In the same vein, what, if anything, is special?

In fact, nothing is special. Not a day, not an event, not even a moment is special, unless we feel that it is so. This feeling is highly relative, depending on our personality, and cannot ever be generalized. We decide what remains in our minds, and our lives, as a distinctive memory.

I have always felt that birthdays are special. Perhaps this is due to my growing up in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Apart from the obvious excitement and pleasure of being the focus of attention for that day, there is somewhere, deep within me, an untroubled peace and a quiet happiness that anoints the day and makes it unique.
Each one of us, consciously or unconsciously, store in our minds many such “special” moments. They mould our character, therefore, are a significant part of us. They remain with us for the rest of our lives like true and constant friends.

So never forget to hold a moment close to your heart, never forget to make something “special”!