Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Impressions

One of my favourite hobbies is looking at photos, especially those taken by my family, friends and me. While arranging the recent ones, I came across some which instantly evoked strong feelings. Incidentally they were all taken in the same location, but in various nooks and corners and at different times of the day. Just as an exercise, I noted down my first impressions. A few days later, I went through them again and had a similar experience and so the third and fourth time. The subjects in the pictures were the usual stuff, trees, lawns, lakes, houses etc, yet, something in the composition, in the natural lighting, created an almost magical appeal to them. And of course, perhaps my love for the place added to the enchantment!

My World

A Moment in Time

Dance on Water

An Artist's Dream



A Journey of Love


Infinite Loneliness

Green Heaven

What do you want???

Pregnant Peace

Eternal Hope

Secret Joy

The Hideout

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