Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wednesday Morning

The day crawls,
The afternoon stalls,
The silence haunts,
The stillness warns.

A distant rumbling,
A flash of lighting,
Storm clouds roll,
Darkness descends.

My heart leaps,
A sigh escapes,
The tingling begins,
A smile threatens.

Thundering roars,
Bursts of light,
Doors crash,
Windows rattle.

Trees sway,
Winds growl,
A loud clap,
Blessings pour.

My nose savours,
The earthly whiff,
Warmth seeps in,
The coffee brews.

Sheets of water,
Pelting the roofs,
Scurrying feet,
Huddling bodies.

Fuzzy panes,
Glistening chains,
Temptation beckons,
Impatience grows.

Skipping down the stairs,
Hurrying out,
A moment’s hesitation,
Then time’s out.

Arms outstretched,
Face upturned,
Twirling gaily,
Laughter bubbling.

Uncaring of the cold,
Undeterred by cries,
My mind’s unleashed,
My heart’s content.

Loneliness recedes,
Hope renews,
Fears flee,
Joy resides.

Life seems perfect.
My journey continues…

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