Friday, May 13, 2016

A World Too Small

She screamed.
He held tighter.
Footsteps approached.
They swung into shadows.

Raavir was furious.
Raavir was after them.
He would break their marriage.
He would kill them first.

Minutes ticked into hours,
They huddled together.
Fear wracked their bodies.
The hearts remained firm.

She’d begged him for mercy.
She’d pleaded to his conscience.
Raavir, the doting brother, had refused,
To break the shackles of convention.

Darkness crept softly,
Unwilling to jolt them further,
The parking lot grew deserted,
Hope kindled again.

They’d eloped, flown free,
Of the wary, accusing eyes.
Until he found them,
Nesting in an unchained world.

Deep into the night came I,
In a shining black car,
To whisk them away
To give them some air.

Raavir wouldn’t accept
The escape that smacked of defeat,
The fall from the grace, nor
The whispered doubts of the clan.

They rested on my land,
A little farm, tucked away by the lake.
Men were cautioned time and again.
Men were sworn to secrecy.

He had destroyed their peace,
Poisoned their happiness,
But still Raavir could not rest
Until he made them pay.

He had left her in my care,
She trembled as she let him go,
To scour the place on his own,
To find other hiding holes.

The clan clamoured
In the name of blind obeisance,
Soon they found the scent.
The hunt was on.

He’d promised to return that night.
He’d promised a better future.
For he did not hear the terrible news,
That reached us in time.

Three bodies were left lying
On the seashore of my town.
Murders in Raavir style, his signature,
A warning or a prophecy?

Perhaps the day would come,
When the end is near.
For isn’t the world, too small,
For such a ruthless creature?

I woke up in terror,
Fingers clutching my nightwear.
I knew I had seen friends’ faces,
In the most terrifying nightmare.